2013 almost done..

So 2013 is about done, it has been a busy year with two joint exhibitions and many other group shows with work exhibited. In June my partner and I traveled to Europe via Japan and had a fast visit to friends in Vienna, Geneva, Antibes and Berlin. The art we encountered was awe inspiring, inspirational and confirming. I had many ideas of new art objects and pieces to complete when arriving home, and I have mostly completed one,  the Hundertwasser meditations, of which one iteration is pictured below.

I have been mostly busy with building on various projects, building being my profession for income. I am happy that this is swaying more toward design and build however, and at some stage more designing than building. I have a cool wee house to build in the new year that I will keep you posted on under a new tab ‘Architecture’, it is a very minimal design that I have produced to accommodate a clients budget and brief and yet will be funky and desirable.

All the best to everyone who reads this for the coming year!Meditiation on Hundertwasser's 'ungodly' straight line #2