Catch up since last post

Wow, its been almost 3 years since I posted here last, and things have not been slow! To quickly round up the more significant things that happened in this time (in reverse order) goes like this;

  1. An installation in the Contemplation Gallery of the Suter Art Gallery, Nelson. in August 2017. View Shaft uses 15km of white thread, and went like this;
  2. Yellow Yellow exhibition at Parker Gallery, Nelson in June 2017, with an installation a little like; 
  3. eternal summer at Bridge St Collective, February 2016, looked a little like this;
  4. Salt Gallery allowed me to exhibit with Ann Braunsteiner in June 2016 where I hang some rocks with String Theory 

And a few more things in between that you can find under Exhibitions tab. I have slimmed down this website to only include my art/design practice things, as that is the direction that interests me. I still work in my other profession to pay for all this, but have plenty of work there so no need for further promotion!