Taurean Tuning Fork, a sculptural piece made for Nelson Arts Festival- Art in the Park.  A laminated Macrocarpa frame, with a charred finish provides the shape. A laser cut ply panel stained with ink to match and purple and gold thread to finish. (In private collection)



Flight Machine Sketch is a 3D ‘sketch’ of a flying machine which is inspired by hot air balloons, Zeppelins, and the Jet engine. The machine has still some mechanisms to be added before it is ready for a ‘manned’ mission, but the flight principles are shown.

A lighting object made for Illuminate in Windows with Kuske Eyewear.

Medium; Laser cut Acrylic and modellers plywood, Fencing wire, Weaving loom parts, Sycamore seeds, electrical components.


Word Box

A mechanical box that turns verbs, nouns and adjectives at different speeds to form combinations while implying a hierarchy in the word categories.

The Machine

An Industrial Design paper asked us to move a sewing pin 100mm through ‘y’, 20 through ‘x’ and 4mm through ‘z’ axis. An electric motor with 1.5v batteries must power this movement.


The Joint.

A first year project involving movement in two directions. Walnut, Macrocarpa, steel wire.


Rock and paper.

A first year materials paper, project 3


Rock, Paper #2 and #3 and ‘Solid as a Rock’




Poem Box,

a project in Experience Design

See a moving clip of Poem Box


The Stamp Set,

an exploration in Design Fiction, where an object prompts the viewer to imagine a proposed future.The Stamp Set might be a nostalgic way to ‘handwrite’ in the future.