almost a year on..

Well the wee house, Fray House, is complete apart from some final things, plan amendments, landscaping, and the laundry! The project was a success, I have received great feedback on it and gained new clients through it. I am currently building on the next few projects, some simultaneously, but nothing too serious yet.

Meanwhile the line drawings are cranking out, also planning a World Of Wearable art entry for 2015, and thinking about an exhibition coming up in April 2015 at the Red with AnnCT. Also two different installation interests/proposals in the mix!  I feel pretty busy!

More soon, hopefully not so long between posts next time!

2013 almost done..

So 2013 is about done, it has been a busy year with two joint exhibitions and many other group shows with work exhibited. In June my partner and I traveled to Europe via Japan and had a fast visit to friends in Vienna, Geneva, Antibes and Berlin. The art we encountered was awe inspiring, inspirational and confirming. I had many ideas of new art objects and pieces to complete when arriving home, and I have mostly completed one,  the Hundertwasser meditations, of which one iteration is pictured below.

I have been mostly busy with building on various projects, building being my profession for income. I am happy that this is swaying more toward design and build however, and at some stage more designing than building. I have a cool wee house to build in the new year that I will keep you posted on under a new tab ‘Architecture’, it is a very minimal design that I have produced to accommodate a clients budget and brief and yet will be funky and desirable.

All the best to everyone who reads this for the coming year!Meditiation on Hundertwasser's 'ungodly' straight line #2

29th March

I am currently working on getting this place up to speed, and also working on an upcoming exhibition at the Refinery Artspace in Nelson. The exhibition is with AnnCT Braunsteiner and Larisse Hall, and runs from May 6th to 26th 2013. I will upload the poster soon and any interested can come along to the opening, I will have a mixture of objects and acrylics for this show, and whatever happens in between. More later, Lee.